The following Terms (‘Terms and Conditions’) govern the purchase of all products and/ or services offered by Events & Markets Australia (“E&MA”).

By accepting these Terms and Conditions and making payment for a product/service, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to the following:

1. All files are subject to copyright and you are not authorised to distribute files (in any part or way) without written permission from the E&MA Managing Director.

2. If proven to have disregarded the copyright of materials, the client/participant will be liable to cover costs associated with infringement and loss of income from materials distributed without consent.

3. Detailed information, licences, legislation and all stall/event/supplier requirements are dependent on your specific business activities, therefore all information provided in E&MA products/services is supplied as general information only.

4. Content contained within E&MA products/services are not intended, in any way, as a substitute for professional or financial advice and E&MA accepts no liability for how information is interpreted or applied.

5. Any website links, examples and tips have been inserted as a general guide only. E&MA accepts no liability or endorsements of materials, or any associated organisation, product or service.  Where the views or recommendations of third parties are given, these do not necessarily reflect the views of E&MA.

6. Supplier advertisements or recommendations may appear within E&MA products/services.

7. E&MA product/service payments are processed (externally from the E + MA website) and are made in accordance with the processing Terms and Conditions of the processing company/companies. Any disputes are to be addressed directly with the provider.  

8. Access to online workshops are valid for a 7 day period only, after which workshop access will expire. Session access is pre-programmed, extensions are not available.

9. Membership benefits that require the member to supply information, will be published as supplied. E + MA accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of information.  Where information is not supplied in accordance with requirements, the member forfeits the right to redeem that membership benefit.

10. Email addresses made to purchase products/services will be added to the E&MA mailing list. Subscription can be cancelled at any time via written request.

11. E + MA products/services cannot be refunded or exchanged, at any time for any reason.